Strike action at Milne Foods in County Offaly

Strike action at Milne Foods in County Offaly

SIPTU members have commenced 24-hour strike action at Milne Foods in Birr, County Offaly, due to the company’s failure to implement a Labour Court recommendation in relation to workers’ conditions of employment.

The strike action began at 6.30 a.m. this morning (Thursday, 11th July)  with a picket placed on the company’s plant on the Syngefield Industrial Estate in Birr.

The workers’ action follows the company’s failure  to adhere to a Labour Court recommendation that management meet with the workers’ representatives to discuss improvements to pay and conditions.

SIPTU Organiser, Michael Browne, said: “The workers have been left with no  option but to take industrial action after they exhausted all other  avenues open to them to initiate constructive dialogue with the  management at Milne Foods.”

He added: “It has become clear that the company has no intention of implementing the Labour Court  recommendation that the workers’ pay claims should be met. In these  circumstances the workers had no option but to undertake strike action  and will continue their campaign until management deal with them in a  reasonable manner.”

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SIPTU Organiser, Michael Browne:

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