SIPTU members in NCI to take industrial action tomorrow

SIPTU members in the National College of Ireland (NCI), Dublin will commence industrial action tomorrow (Wednesday, 30th October).  The action is in response to the unilateral breach by the college management of an agreement reached with union members two years ago.

Speaking ahead of the industrial action, SIPTU Sector Org…aniser, Louise O’Reilly, said:

“We spent months negotiating with management and finally reached an agreement on the restoration of pay and pensions.  This was unilaterally withdrawn by the college without consultation and with less than 24 hours notice.  Our members co-operated with pay cuts and a pension freeze two years ago in order to ensure the long term financial stability of the college.  This two year period concluded on 31st July and we were informed that pay and pensions would be restored to previous levels.

“Our members have endured a pay cut, pension and increment freezes – we had an agreement with the NCI but it is refusing to honour this.  We have been left with no option but to take this action which is designed to maximise the effect on the college administration and minimise the impact on students.”

Members of SIPTU voted overwhelmingly for industrial action and strike action.  This will take the form of (among other elements) a ban on meetings and on the use of personal phones for college business as well as a targeted non-answering of phones. There will also be a protest by SIPTU members at 3.00 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) in NCI.

For further information contact:

SIPTU Sector Organiser, Louise O’Reilly:

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