SIPTU condemns appointment of liquidator to Andersen Ireland Ltd

SIPTU condemns appointment of liquidator to Andersen Ireland Ltd

SIPTU has condemned the decision of the owners of Andersen Ireland Ltd to seek a court appointed liquidator. The move is expected to result in a total wind-up of the custom jewelry manufacturer based in Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, with the loss of over 160 jobs.

SIPTU Organiser, Denis Gormalley, said: “The liquidator wa…s appointed this afternoon. This act by the company could well eliminate the possibility of finding new owners for the business and the possibility of maintaining jobs. SIPTU condemns this move as unacceptable as prospective new owners were engaged in discussions on the possibility of keeping the business operating as a going concern.”

He added: “This company’s action also prevents creditors from having their say at a creditors meeting scheduled to take place next Monday (23rd September). The unanswered question is why the company has acted in this manner.

“The last remaining hope for the workers rests with the Ulster Bank, the company’s main business creditor. Only Ulster Bank can act to prevent the liquidation of the company’s assets and the expected loss of over 160 jobs. Ulster Bank must act to provide the workers and their families with some hope in this situation.”

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SIPTU Organiser, Denis Gormalley:

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