Industrial action to resume at Kells Credit Union

SIPTU members in Kells Credit Union, county Meath, will resume industrial action on Saturday 3rd August. This will be followed by a series of rolling stoppages, according to SIPTU Organiser, Adrian Kane, who was speaking after a meeting of union members at the credit union.

“The industrial action will continue until such time as Kel…ls Credit Union complies with the terms of a Labour Court recommendation concerning collective bargaining rights.

“SIPTU members in Kells Credit Union have great courage and a steely resolve. They are determined that they will not be denied the right to be represented collectively by a trade union,” he said.

Adrian Kane said that the staff involved, who are all women, have been overwhelmed by the support they have received from the towns people, members of the credit union and local politicians who support their right to be represented by a trade union of their choice

“Our members are available for meaningful talks but in light of the intransigence of the credit union management they have no option but to take to the picket line again,” he said.

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SIPTU Organiser, Adrian Kane:

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