Greyhound Workers Support Fund

29th July

Christy Moore and Don Baker to play concert in Support of Greyhound workers

Christy Moore and Don Baker will perform a concert in support of the locked out Greyhound Recycling and Recovery workers in Liberty Hall, Dublin 1, on Saturday, 16th August at 8.00p.m.

SIPTU Greyhound Shop Steward, Jesse Hughes, said: “We are delighted that great performers of the status of Christy Moore and Don Baker have decided to support our campaign for justice. The solidarity that has been shown to us from fellow trade unionists and the general public has been overwhelming.

He added: “It is sure to be a great night, which my colleagues and I are very much looking forward to. This struggle has been very difficult for the workers and our families so events such as this concert are greatly appreciated”.

The workers have been locked out at the waste disposal company in west Dublin, since 17th June. Management at the company is attempting to force workers to accept wage cuts of up to 35% and has employed strikebreakers to carry out waste collections during the dispute.

Tickets for the concert cost €25 and are available from the Central Ticket Bureau, Liberty Hall, contact 0818 205 205 or book online at

For further information contact:

SIPTU Head of Communications, Frank Connolly: 087 251 5986

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